Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Busy With the Plague

Being oddly addicted to author's blogs (like Maureen Johnson and John Green), I've acquired a strange habit of doing what they suggest. So, when Maureen Johnson declared she wasn't blogging enough, and that she was going to do it everyday in April, call it BEDA, and wanted more people to join her, I felt like I should.

This is actually really good, because I suck oh-so-very-much at actually keeping up with this, and I'm going to hope that it will help me in my journey of becoming more witty and clever. I don't know if that's actually possible, because I'm just... sending my brain through my fingers onto the keyboard onto the computer, and I don't actually know how that will help with wit and cleverness, but I'm going to hope it does.

Also, if random words like 'ade' or 'cal' or 'ake' or 'seldo' or 'coe' come up, it's because my sister attacked the laptop and now the M key doesn't always work when I try to push it. Also, there may be a random plethora of N's or commas (that was an evil word to type...) because now whenever I'm in the vicinity of the M I feel the need to push other keys harder. And my poor N and comma keys will be the ones taking the hit (tap? stroke?).

The good thing about this is that, for the first few days at least, I'll actually have time to write about something. None of my friends are home because they're all doing something in my school's musical. I didn't do it. Believe me, I can't act, sing, dance, and I especially can't do a combination of the three. Also, stage crew? Hahaha. No. Last time I did that, I held a scrim in place for the entire show. And that's the most I trust myself to do.

Believe it or not, I did actually mess up the scrim bit for Seussical. Well, it wasn't the scrim (which, if you didn't know, is like this woven see-through giant piece of black mesh(ish) fabric that comes down like a curtain and it makes cool light manipulating tricks) exactly. I had one other part in the whole thing, which was to make sure that the next part of scenery that came down didn't hit the steps and make a loud noise.

Oh, it did. It so did. Not once during rehearsals did I screw that up. And then, during the actual production, I did.

Our stage manager was this really funny guy who I have a picture of wearing a hat with, like, a fish on it or something. He was short, and funny, but I think he hated me. Well, actually, I know he did after that. He can give the scariest freaking glare that I've ever seen. In my entire life. Ever. So, when I failed to catch the scenery, I almost died. I mean, you don't even realize how scary his glares are. They. Are. Terrifying.

But it's okay, because I'm pretty sure a tree on the other side of the stage landed loudly or something, too, so my mistake wasn't exactly that noticeable. But I probably won't ever forget that.

So you can see why I didn't have any part in this musical. Except on the second night I'm going to hand out programs. I've done that enough for band, and it's not really something I can mess up. Unless, oh jeez, someone gets a huge paper cut when I give it to them.

I've been interchanging 'musical' and 'play' in daily conversation, just because. But every time I want to say that someone is busy with the 'play' I always want to say 'plague' instead.

A Sample Conversation:
"Hey, what are you doing tonight?"
"Probably nothing. Everyone is busy."
"Oh yeah? With what?"
"Oh, they've all got the plague."

So. Yeah. Yeah. Not the most interchangeable words. But, oh well.

Oh yeah!
Goal: To make the random transitions between topics here somewhat connected to whatever I was talking about before, and seemingly less random. (I've got an entire month to work on it after all.)

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runa said...

I wish I'd done this BEDA thing, but I suppose it's too late. Go me. I've fallen so behind in blogland.

Still incredibly jealous that you guys are doing Seussical :D