Thursday, April 2, 2009

I Likey the Weather

For right now, I am outside. Yes, I'm outside blogging, which is VERY EXCITING. And do you know whhhyyy it's exciting? Unless you live where I live, or you've been having the same type of weather I've been having, OR you can read my mind (which, by the way, that's really cool and creepy, but I bet you'd make lots of money off of it), you might not know why it's exciting. It's exciting because IT'S SUNNY! Apparently it's only 55 degrees here, but, baby, let me tell you, it feels like a lot more.

I'm actually wearing shorts and a t-shirt! How AWESOME IS THAT!? Outside! I am wearing shorts and a t-shirt OUTSIDE! And now I'll proceed to tell you exactly what is going on outside.

Well, I hear about a dozen different birds communicating with each other, probably talking about how they had a nice winter some place warm, and how NICE it is to come back here to this lovely weather (today at least). Also, I just sneezed. Which means allergies. BUT THAT'S OKAY because that means that grass is growing and things are green and pollen is coming!

Amongst the birds is a lawnmower mowing what I'm going to assume is the lawn. Or a shag carpet. But I haven't seen that happen since an episode of Rocket Power (ftw!) where Twister mows the shag carpet in his house or something. Epic show. Funny episode. But highly unlikely that that situation is occurring here.

What else is going on. Well, besides the SHINING SUN- no, I'll talk about that. It's sooo nice. I mean, yes, it's making it hard to see the actual screen of the laptop because it's so bright, but I DON'T CARE! It's so warm. My arm is actually getting hot because it's facing the sun directly (which will undoubtedly result in a funny, asymmetrical tan). The sky is almost completely blue, save a few wispy happy clouds strewn across it. It's ridiculously bright (as the sun normally is) and happy-making.

I hear cars passing, too, but they pass all year round, so it isn't anything to ramble about.

What else?

Oh. Bugs. There are lots of bugs. In fact, before I started this (Happy Day 2 of BEDA!) I was reading out here and about forty two million bugs decided to come fly around me and bounce off of the side of my house, which is occasionally distracting. One landed on my hand and freaked me out (but not nearly as much as one time last year when a spider crawled into my pocket). I suppose I should just be thankful that there aren't any caterpillars... yet.

The wind feels really nice, too. It's cool enough to make the sun feel not as burn-like, but not so cold that I'm getting goosebumps, which is greatly appreciated. (I tip my hat to you, Mother Nature.)

All in all, today's weather is perfect. The nonperfect thing is that I had to spend about 8 hours where I could have been happily sitting outside in school, learning things which may or may not pertain to my future. And none of my teachers were up for the idea of taking the class outside, even though it was gorgeous.

However, during AP Lit, I did get to stick my arms out the window for a couple seconds and contemplate the dangers and rewards of jumping so that I could sit out there while the rest of my class reads. I didn't jump out though. If it was the first floor, maybe, but not the second.

(Ten minute pause where I got distracted and am now inside.)

It's ridiculous how much easier it is to see things on the screen when it's
a. plugged in and
b. not facing the wrath of [glorious, brilliant, bright, warm, happy-making] sunshine.

Sounding like I have a completely lame life because I was talking about the [most epic] weather was not my intention (not completely at least). I'm still in the process of learning HOW to blog while sounding witty and clever. Which is ridiculously hard.

My Observations on Being Witty and Clever
a. I'm trying way too hard, which is ultimately leading to failure. My question: How do other people become Witty and Clever? Is it a born talent? Can it be acquired through eating a special food? Apples perhaps?

b. Occasionally, when I least expect it and will most likely not remember it, I will get random bursts and wit and cleverness. It's inspiring and depressing because YAY I've been witty, but Oh Crap, I forgot it. My question: How do I increase my Wit and Clever frequency, and possibly the ability to remember it?

c. I can decipher when other people's wit and cleverness sucks, but I can't figure out which things I say are good or not. Is there a specific way to tell?

d. I need to stop talking about wit and clever, because it's really not witty or clever to do so.

In other news, did you hear that the Queen accepts Michelle Obama? I'll bet they'll be on each others Top 8 in no time. (Myspace. *facepalm*)

Michelle Obama apparently did the friendly hand-pet-on-shoulder to the Queen, which is apparently a big No, no. Someone's a bit touchy (ba dum, chhhh). But instead of causing an international incident, the Queen went liberal and they did a secret handshake known only to certain tribes in Africa and a couple people in Arkansas. And by that, I mean, she did the friendly hand-pet-on-shoulder to Michelle Obama, too.

Apparently we're good with the Queen. So that's good.

Also, my M key is fixed, something that I'm extremely excited about. It happened while responding to email and talking to someone. I don't know what I did, but apparently I've developed some epic M-key-fixing power, which will probably make me millions some day.

Or not. Whatever.

Realization: This could possibly be why my Wit and Clever status isn't up to par! (Prepare yourself for a geeky Harry Potter reference.)

According to my friends, I'm a Hufflepuff (very passive, generally nice, dull, has all the cool parties (hahaha)). For college, we decided that, in order enhance our geekyness/keep in touch, we'd buy these pins, right?

There were five pins, one for each of the Hogwarts houses, and then one that's the Hogwarts crest. It's, I'm assuming, a collectors-esque thing. But we figure that because the four of us are all going to different schools, we should have something silly as a constant reminder. So, between the four of us, we divided the pins, and I got Hufflepuff.

Now, if I were witty and clever, I would have gotten Ravenclaw, but that went to my intelligent friend, Coral (and I'm not just saying that. In the top 10 in our class, so there).

Anddd that was Part 2 of BEDA.

Au revoir, and I'll write more tomorrow!

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