Friday, April 3, 2009

About Me

It's not that I've already run out of things to blog about. It's only day three after all. That would actually be quite horrible. No. Actually, I figured what I said would make more sense if you knew more about me, so therefore I'm going to answer some random survey-like questions in hope that it will make more sense.

Also, I plan on murdering this keyboard soon because, yes, the M key is in fact FIXED. However, I think the SPACEBAR caught a bit of the M-plague, so more often than not, spaces donotcomeout. So, if things start to appear like that, it's because I either a) was lazy or b) defenestrated the spacebar, which are both plausible options.

I'm seriously beginning to think that this keyboard hates me. It could possibly have it's own website (, but I hope not. I've never done anything bad to this keyboard. If anything, it should be unhappy with my sister. She's the one who RIPPED OFF the right shift key (RIP, right shift key), and now we can't get it back on. In fact, I don't even know where it is. Poor thing.

Alright, so I figure I'll do five random, but hopefully informational, questions. Here it goes...

How many emails to you have?
Currently, unread/unresponded to, I've only got about 11 or so. I think 10 of those are from my friend/Internet correspondent/fellow Harry Potter and book fanatic, Runa, who I email constantly about absolutely nothing most of the time.

Most of our emails are revolving around college right now, because we're both in the pre-college, application/decision making/scholarship-doing process. Which sucks. It's either that, or, to be honest, I don't even know. They are quite random emails. Sometimes I'll get a wave of 60 at once.

Last time you received flowers?
This... is interesting and will probably make me out to be annoying.

The last time I got flowers from someone (ie not the flowers that were left over from our HAITI WATER BENEFIT DINNER- which I hope will make me look less annoying) was on October 17th, after I, er, got on my school's homecoming court.

Don't get me wrong. It was fun. Really fun. But it was mostly like a joke. I'm not saying I'm one of those people who are trying to be ironic by trying to get on homecoming court to prove some kind of point, but, and this is cliche, I know, the general consensus is that it's rigged every year, which isn't fair. So on the way home from a tennis match, a couple friends and I decided that I should try for homecoming queen.

So I did. We campaigned and everything. Shirts were made, there was even a Facebook group about it. It was really fun, and we actually got a lot of people to vote. We got people to wear t-shirts, so there were probably about fifteen or so walking advertisements, and it worked out really well. When our homecoming game rolled around and half time came, they called my name. I came in third out of five. My status? A duchess. It was pretty cool. But as a gift, they gave me this flowers, and I thought that was pretty nice.

Then, I went back to our senior float and got an apple.

Last time you had a Krispy Kreme donut?
Believe it or not, never.

Do you have any pickles in your fridge?
Seemingly random, but relevant in a way. Every Christmas, three friends and I exchange gifts. I have one friend who has the memory of an elephant, and, I swear to you, remembers the most random things, and then presents them as Christmas gifts.

At some point in the time between Christmas 2007 and Christmas 2008, I mentioned that I wanted pickles. So, for this past Christmas, along with other random objects (including electronic bubble wrap, a cucumber, chocolate, a slinky, a CD, and more) I got pickles. So yes, I have pickles in my fridge.

What was the last thing you stapled?
Somewhere in the ballpark of 200 or so newsletters in about an hour. It could have been more, I'm really bad at estimating.

There. Five questions. I'm not sure how informational they were. (Ashley: She emails, she wasn't homecoming queen, she's clearly deprived of the goodness of Krispy Kreme, she likes pickles, and has a stapling obsession.) Throughout the month I'll probably answer more, and look for more interesting questions, too.

Feel free to submit any. Because I'm sure you're all extremely interested in my random life. :p

Oh, also, I didn't defenestrate the spacebar. It must have MIRACULOUSLY recovered from the M-plague. Or my ghost was messing with me again.

Don't worry, I'm sure at some point you'll hear about my ghost.

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