Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sucktastic Puke-a-thon

Just this Sunday my sister got sick. Nothing major. She just threw up. We all figured that she got carsick or something (or at least, I did). But to be on the safe side, when she got home with my mom I ran upstairs because puke and me just do not mix. I figured I could avoid the entire situation if I ran upstairs and hid until all the puke was gone. It seemed so foolproof.

Last night I felt sick-ish, but I didn't think it was anything, you know, out of the ordinary. Maybe the pizza I had for dinner was bad? I hadn't had that kind in a while, so I figured my stomach wasn't used to it. (Ugh, just thinking about pizza now is making me feel like death.) Anyway, I figured whatever the hell I was feeling would pass when I went to bed.

Yeah, no. Of course it didn't. Of course.

At about 11:11 (that was the time I saw before running to the bathroom) I woke up. My mom was in there brushing her teeth and I started complaining.

"Mooommmm," I whined, looking as sickly and pathetic as possible. "I don't feel good. I feel like I'm going to puke!"

"So puke," was her wise advise.

"I can't! It's gross! I don't want-" And then I did.

Yummy, huh?

It was disgusting. I don't want to go into detail. I don't even know why I felt this was important to write about, besides that it was a serious case of karma.

I became good at predicting when it was going to happen though. Just about every 45 minutes or so. My night was full of fun.

Yeah... not so much. I got absolutely no sleep because I thought that if I did fall asleep, then I might not be able to get up in time and... yeah. Gross. I kept falling asleep, though, but never all the way. There was nothing on TV to keep me occupied, and there was no way I'd be able to focus enough to read.

Is it karma? I avoided my sister being sick because I didn't want to see/smell it, and then I had my own to deal with? Or was it just irony?

Either way, it was cruel, and I hate feeling sick. I slept all day, pretty much, seeing as I didn't get any last night, except the couch was completely uncomfortable, so along with feeling like complete crap, my back hurts, too.

On the plus side, I had to miss school. I mean, it isn't really all that great because I've got two tests tomorrow, and I missed my flute lesson, but if I went, there was a good chance that I would have died.

Okay, now that my pointless ramble is done, I've got to go work on my Chemistry (which I avoided last night, even before I knew I wasn't going to school) and study for my Econ test. But I'll probably just sleep more.


Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Song For Summer

Current Read: A Song For Summer by Eva Ibbotson

I can't really make any judgements on this book yet, seeing as I'm only about a third of the way through it, but there was one part in particular that I couldn't help but spazz over. I don't know if it's relevant to the story or not, but it was Ibbotson's diction in this sentence that made me laugh.

Two years ago in English, we had this thing called Word of the Day (this was along when we had ORB- outside reading book- days, which was amazing because it was an entire period devoted to reading any book we'd like) where everyday we would get a new vocab word, and at the end of the month, we'd have a test on them. Some of them I'll remember forever- jink, a sharp, evasive turn; acquiesce, to agree to (something along those lines, anyway)...

There was one word that still amazes me to this day, and the fact that Ibbotson actually uses it (I'm sure many other authors have used it, too, and I just haven't caught on, perhaps?) makes her incredible.

Defenestrate- to throw out the window

It's on page 123:
"At least he didn't defenestrate me," said Leon as she stripped off his wet clothes. "That's what he usually does."

How amazing is that, anyway? This guy (Marek) usually goes around throwing people out the window! He defenestrates them!!!

First off, it amazes me that 'to throw out the window' actually has a word to go to it.
Second off, I love the fact that he does this often!

I immediately went to email my friend to tell her, because she thought 'defenestrate' was an amazing word, too, and I randomly got off on a Doug tangent. I love that show.

Alright, I'm going to go continue to properly read the book, and see if anyone gets properly defenestrated, instead of just being tossed in a lake. Does that have it's own word? To toss in a lake? Lakenstrate? It should.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogging For Dummies

Runa wins. Runa so wins.

I was joking around with her a couple of weeks ago (February 1st, to be exact. Yay gmail!) and said something along the lines of there needing to be a Blogging For Dummies, because I could use one, as I really have nothing significant to say. And she found one.

It's mainly directed towards parents with teenagers, but I'm going to assume it'll be just as useful to the blogily-skill deficient teenager, too. I mean, once I get enough money to actually use that (due to lack of a credit card and only about $8 left on my B&N cards) I might possibly buy it if it's not a waste. Or I could just surf around through the jillions of other blogs and use those as my book, which would probably be equally as informational, and $11 cheaper.

Another good practice would probably also to update this thing more, and to keep up with everything else I do on the internet. (Especially scholarships because I have been determinedly ignoring them for as long as humanly possible, even though, you know, college costs a lot of money.) I actually tried my hand at blogging on MySpace a few times, but the posts were never about the same thing, so I felt kind of silly. Like, why would I rant about Twilight and my school schedule (those were the only once I could think of off-hand)? I feel like they need to be connected somehow.

Though I guess I could go out on a limb and say that in Twilight, Bella needs to go to the office to get her schedule, and although I didn't need to go to the office to get mine, I did indeed have a school schedule.

Or not.

You know what sometimes isn't a good idea? (I also should work on my transitions...)

Valentines Day was yesterday (completely related to what I was going to say) and I got a super mad plethora of chocolate because my family loves me. But they got me the boxes of chocolate (such as Russell Stover) that have the weird fillings. Like Vermont Nut Cream or Roman Nugget. Sometimes I swear they can rival Bertie Botts. Anyway, have you ever realized how risky it is to eat a random one?

Normally, I look at the inside of the lid to figure out which one I want, because I'm not good at surprises. I'll expect the ones with the fluffy yummy chocolate inside, accidentally bite into a coconut one, and all hell will break lose. Seriously, babies cry, ninjas bust through the windows, and everyone stares at me with the accusing "you don't even like coconut" look on their face.

It's much more dramatic than necessary.

So yeah, those were my chocolate and blogging stories of the day/week/month. Now I'm off to probably write some fanfiction or something.

Au revoir.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I Can Only Be So Bored

Obviously, as mentioned above, I'm currently bored out of my freaking mind. I figure I could solve that problem by ranting about myself (which unfortunately sounds a lot more conceited when typed than it did in my head). I always feel awkward rambling on about myself, but isn't that the purpose of a blog? (Also, I feel funny typing that, as I've never actually had a blog before. Not a real one anyway. Just the little random one that comes with MySpace or whatever.) That's what you do, right? Talk about yourself and express your random opinions on things that only people on the internet can find interesting or understand or whatever?

Or maybe the point is because everyone is secretly really bored, and this is kind of amusing. I don't know. I've been at it for five minutes. I am in no way a blogging expert, though I'm beginning to wonder if it's uncool to rant about blogging... in your blog.

Runa made me get this. So if you consider it a waste of valuable interneting space, well, it's my fault for being not so clever and witless, but that's besides the point. I gave into peer pressure. Our conversation basically went like this:

Runa: Hey, Ashley, I've got this cool Book Blog and this author used my review and it's awesome and stuff!
Me: NO WAY! Ahhh that's so cool! Blah blah blah, more rambles on how cool it is.
Runa: You should get one!
Me: Really? I should?
Runa: Yes!
Me: Well, okay.

It's not a book blog. Not yet. I don't know if I'd be a good book reviewer. But for the sake of trying...

Right now I'm reading Princess In Pink, the fifth installment of the Princess Diaries Series by Meg Cabot. I started these books when I was thirteen or fourteen. Or maybe twelve. Either way, I started them a while ago, and am just continuing the series now because it was killing me to see how it ended. Plus, even though they don't follow the books, I love the movies (which is strange, and rare for me) so I really wanted to see how it actually ended.

It's so weird seeing a series from the POV of 12/13/14-year-old me and 17-year-old me. Everything Mia said when I was 12/13/14 seemed like it made sense, because we were relatively the same age. Now, it's the babblings of a love sick 14 year old girl, and it's really funny. Don't get me wrong, I love the series and think Meg Cabot is full of crazy awesome, but it was interesting to see my perspective change.

That's all for now. I'm actually quite tired and it's only 9:30. Oh the exciting life I lead.