Thursday, October 15, 2009


So this comic strip (xkcd, how you amuse me) reminded me that I haven't, uhm, blogged in a while. Yeah, sorry about that. When I remember, I don't have time. Because I'm generally in class, like OH, I should BLOG soon. Plus, nothing interesting has happened to me yet.

I'll try to list the interesting things.

I heard a story about a guy on LSD.
There's been more freaking drama so far than all of my high school years combined.
It's really, REALLY hard to make friends when you're not outgoing.

Okay, the last one isn't really an interesting thing. HOWEVER, it's a good thing to know. So be OUTGOING and you will do just find. But don't be outgoing to the wrong people. I don't know why, but people exclude you even if you look normal.*

I'll probably just elaborate on that for a while, because it's taking up most of my thoughts. Honestly, you'd think it'd be relatively EASY to meet new people, because everyone here is trying to make friends. However, a month and a half into the first semester, and I've only got one friend who I hang out with on a regular basis.

DON'T GET ME WRONG. I KNOW people. I'm not a sheltered freak. Ish.

I wave to people I kind of know, talk to people out of class, have acquaintances, but we don't do anything more than that. It's just weird, because back home I had a HUGE GROUP of REALLY AWESOME friends. I thought I'd be able to find people like them, but they're just too unique.

The one friend I have though, she's pretty awesome. I got her addicted to MLIA. She likes Harry Potter and crazy dance parties, so we're getting along just fine. Sadly, she doesn't have any friends either. Her roommate is pretty cool and we hang out with her sometimes, but she's got her own little group. So. Unfair.

Even my occasionally creepy roommate has more friends than I do. It's just pathetic.

Sometimes I'm okay with it. I'm like, "It's alright, I know people back home. I'll just go home and everything will be normal." So I go home, and everything is normal and AWESOME and then I come back to school with 119 pictures from just two days and then I'm sad again because I can't have that kind of fun here.

This is my fifth week of school and I've already been home three times. By the seventh, it'll have been four. Hopefuly, though, I'll be able to head over to Boston to do some seriously needed Friend Visiting.

Speaking of Friend In Boston (her new name is Fib, because that's awesome), I wrote her a letter. Well, I drew her a comic, colored her a picture of best penguin friends, printed out a picture of us with sticky notes on our faces, and wrote a note and sent that to her. I was so HAPPY. I sent an actual letter!

I even held up Connor's line at the register in Walmart just so I could get stamps. Thank you, Connor, for not giving me the extremely annoyed look that I know you were feeling because there were people behind me and one of my companions already made a scene about a bug in her wallet. (But, honestly, if a creepy bug was in your wallet when you went to take out money, you would have freaked, too, right?)

Anyway, after ALL OF THAT, I put the lovleness in the mail and waited for Fib's happy reply, either in ANOTHER letter or a spazzy text/IM/Skype thing. I didn't TELL HER I was sending this thing because it was going to be a SURPRISE.

But after a week and a half of no response, I got curious. I finally asked her about it.

Me: Did you ever get my letter?!
Fib: You sent me a letter?!
Me: Yeah! You didn't get it?
Fib: No... When did you send it?
Me: I put it in the mail last Sunday. It should have sent Monday.
Fib: Did you put my room number on it?

I told her the address she gave me. It didn't include the room number. So NOW my letter to Fib, my EPIC LETTER OF AWESOME AND ART, is lost somewhere at the Holiday Inn. Because that is where Fib lives.

So, yeah, I honestly haven't had that much fun. It's like... if you're here, you party. If you don't party, you're out of luck.

But where I live, in an all freshman dorm, the grossest building on campus, it's basically party central. Like, this is ridiculous the amount of people partying. I can understand going out on weekends. THAT MAKES SENSE. But last week, Tuesday. Last Tuesday we had a girl come to class, still partially drunk from the night before.

WHO PARTIES ON A MONDAY NIGHT?! Like... seriously? Get some homework done and relaxxxx.

I have yet to go to a party, but it's on my list of things to do. Just to see what it's like. There will be no drinking or drugs involved. Alcohol is gross and drugs are unnecessary. So this will be interesting. Thankfully, my only friend, now known as Mof isn't in to the whole partying thing, either, so we're just going to people watch.


ADVICE FROM A SORORITY GIRL (while in line at October Fest for henna tattoos): You don't have to drink, just don't be a wallflower. You'll look like a creeper.

School wise, things have been going alright. I don't THINK I've learned much to be honest with you. Except in Spanish, which is my most difficult course. Except, ready for this? I'm not even enrolled in that class I guess. Something went wrong with the scheduling, so I have to figure that out so that I actually get credit for this class. Isn't that fantastic?

More or less, I'm paying $44,000 to be continuously stressed out and paranoid. Some aspects are fun. The food is good, and the state school up the road has cool people. There's a guy here that looks like Ben from the tv show What I Like About You. There are lots of hills and squirrels.

Now I've got to get ready for the Spanish class I'm not technically in. But first, for your enjoyment...

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Zombie Spin Board

Congregate, Eat Brains, Drool, Hunt the Living, Decompose, Reek, Moonwalk, Plod, Rise from the Grave, Moan, Devour Flesh, Force Entry

It tells me what to do.

More hopefully soon. Maybe I'll actually have some decent stories then. *shrug*


*That was my goal. Look normal, and people will accept you. Uhm, fail?