Sunday, February 15, 2009

Blogging For Dummies

Runa wins. Runa so wins.

I was joking around with her a couple of weeks ago (February 1st, to be exact. Yay gmail!) and said something along the lines of there needing to be a Blogging For Dummies, because I could use one, as I really have nothing significant to say. And she found one.

It's mainly directed towards parents with teenagers, but I'm going to assume it'll be just as useful to the blogily-skill deficient teenager, too. I mean, once I get enough money to actually use that (due to lack of a credit card and only about $8 left on my B&N cards) I might possibly buy it if it's not a waste. Or I could just surf around through the jillions of other blogs and use those as my book, which would probably be equally as informational, and $11 cheaper.

Another good practice would probably also to update this thing more, and to keep up with everything else I do on the internet. (Especially scholarships because I have been determinedly ignoring them for as long as humanly possible, even though, you know, college costs a lot of money.) I actually tried my hand at blogging on MySpace a few times, but the posts were never about the same thing, so I felt kind of silly. Like, why would I rant about Twilight and my school schedule (those were the only once I could think of off-hand)? I feel like they need to be connected somehow.

Though I guess I could go out on a limb and say that in Twilight, Bella needs to go to the office to get her schedule, and although I didn't need to go to the office to get mine, I did indeed have a school schedule.

Or not.

You know what sometimes isn't a good idea? (I also should work on my transitions...)

Valentines Day was yesterday (completely related to what I was going to say) and I got a super mad plethora of chocolate because my family loves me. But they got me the boxes of chocolate (such as Russell Stover) that have the weird fillings. Like Vermont Nut Cream or Roman Nugget. Sometimes I swear they can rival Bertie Botts. Anyway, have you ever realized how risky it is to eat a random one?

Normally, I look at the inside of the lid to figure out which one I want, because I'm not good at surprises. I'll expect the ones with the fluffy yummy chocolate inside, accidentally bite into a coconut one, and all hell will break lose. Seriously, babies cry, ninjas bust through the windows, and everyone stares at me with the accusing "you don't even like coconut" look on their face.

It's much more dramatic than necessary.

So yeah, those were my chocolate and blogging stories of the day/week/month. Now I'm off to probably write some fanfiction or something.

Au revoir.

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runa said...

Yay, I win!