Thursday, April 9, 2009

Facts of Awesome

I'm slightly exhausted (even though it's only Thursday AND I have tomorrow off) and therefore feeling uncreative. I know, it's very disappointing. Rocks are being gathered AT THIS MOMENT to be thrown viciously at me.

Or not. I appreciate the not.

But because I'm feeling ridiculously uncreative and rambly at the moment (very tired, I could rant about how tired I am, but my guess no one wants to read about that) I'm going to answer more ABOUT ME questions. Because I'm sure you guys are DYING to know everything.

Just kidding. But that is what you're going to get. Possibly accompanied by some pictures, for kicks and giggles. Enjoy!

Last hug?
That, I think, was yesterday in gym class. My friend and I are in a butt kicking war. That started when my school was trying to convince kids not to smoke, and there were stickers that said Kick Butts Day, because that's what it was called. Anyway, he had a sticker and he said something along the lines of, "Do you see this sticker? It gives me complete permission to do this."

And then he kicked my butt. And now we're in a war. I think I'm winning.

Anyway, yesterday in gym, I didn't change because I "didn't feel good" (I'm EXTREMELY incapable of coordination, so gym isn't exactly my favorite class, and I didn't really want to participate AT ALL). He came up behind me and kicked my butt.

So I glared at him.

So he hugged me. I 'spose that counts, right?


Name one person you hate and why:
See, I thought this was somewhat interesting, because I have the hardest time actually HATING someone. I can dislike them with a passion, but if I ever say I actually HATE someone, I feel really guilty afterwards.

I even feel bad if I talk about someone, even though I know they'll never find out what I said, even if it's a celebrity who gets much more bashing than I could EVER deal out, I feel guilty.


Have you ever pulled an all-nighter?
Every year in June, my city does the Relay for Life, and Key Club signs up to participate. I went to the one last year, and that was my first all nighter.

It was so hot out, but in a good way. It wasn't like humid or anything. Just sort of dry. But we managed to sell lots of fudge by walking around and asking people if they wanted it. You'd be surprised how many people would buy fudge from a bunch of shouting teenagers, but they seemed appreciative.

Also, we had FACE PAINT, which was EPIC, except that it came off easily because it was really hot and we were all rather sweaty.

I didn't think I was going to be able to make it through the night, because I'd never COMPLETELY stayed awake all night before. Also, when I get tired, I get annoyed VERY easily, so I was scared that if I did stay awake, I wouldn't be able to tolerate people. But I did! It was so exciting!

We had these glow sticks and we were just throwing them Frisbee style to each other for like an hour. I think we made a people pyramid. We played KNOTS which was so much fun, because we were all ridiculously over tired, so nothing made sense, and we just made a bigger mess of limbs.

I did manage to stay up all night, and that was exciting. However, I got home and completely crashed. I don't know if that cancels out the all-nighter bit, but if it does DON'T TELL ME. I prefer to remain ignorant.

Relay For Life Pictures, Images and Photos
It was this, nothing, or random pictures of people I DON'T KNOW. Yay!

Yahoo or Google?
Google. Because Edward Cullen googles. 'Nough said.

Just kidding. That's not the only reason I love Google. They are FULL OF AWESOME, and, if you ever have the opportunity to be EMPLOYED by Google, TAKE IT. They have the craziest working environments EVER. It's like... going to a party. Every day. And getting PAID for it.

Unfortunately you have to have like four excruciatingly intelligent brains to even be considered, which makes sense, because if they let just anyone in (like me), they would get nothing done, because I'd be too busy freaking out at the awesome.

Google Pictures, Images and Photos

And last but not least:

One rumor that has been spread about you:
Okay. I don't know if this counts as a REAL rumor, because one of my friends started it as a joke, and I played along with it, because it was really funny, and unbelievable.

Although people actually DID believe it!

Okay, so in tenth grade, my friend Peter decided to started the rumor that one weekend I was in rehab from OD-ing on heroin. See, there are some things wrong with this.

a) I have never, in my life, EVER seen heroin. So unless I had super cool imaginary heroin, I don't see how this could possibly be true.
b) I HATE needles, which proved to be very problematic YESTERDAY when they did a blood drive at my school in the gym, which is RIGHT across the hall from MY LOCKER. PLUS, all day I saw people walking around with bandages on their arms. It was awful.
c) It's me. And I'm morally apposed to all forms of drug usage.

It was REALLY funny. I know this makes no sense, me laughing at a rumor about me over dosing on drugs, when it really happens to people, and it's a horrible situation, and I hate drugs anyway, but it was just so ridiculous that it was kind of funny. At least he had the decency to send me to rehab afterwards.

But, and I'm not even kidding you, people ACTUALLY BELIEVED IT. I don't know what they were thinking, but apparently it could happen to me, and I had to reassure someone just a couple months ago that, no, that didn't ever happen.

And on April Fools Day this year, the kid that started the rumor gave me a nice little pamphlet about the dangers of heroin.

My rumor-starting friends are looking out for me.

heroin Pictures, Images and Photos
Maybe it's not so bad after all...

So there you have it. My BEDA of the day. I'm sorry it's so lame. I really am tired. Sadly, I'll probably think of something interesting later, and be like OMG PEOPLE WOULD LOVE THIS.

And that would be full of fail.

Slaters :]

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