Sunday, March 22, 2009

The Hungry Countess

I hate when life gets to the point where you're so busy, you forget that you're actually in the middle of a book. I mean, this doesn't happen often, because my life clearly isn't that interesting, but this week, I was ridiculously busy saving lives and buying flowers and things.

No really. Well, Tuesday I wasn't saving lives or buying flowers, but I was doing an all-city concert at my school. Imagine this. 226 (tentatively) members playing The Stars and Stripes Forever, 53 of which were flutes.

It was. So. Crazy. Crazy loud, crazy out of tune, crazy spectacular, crazy awesome. I'm talking pillow v pillow here.

Then Wednesday I had a research paper due about business cycles and everything. That didn't involve flowers or lives. Except my own, slowly dwindling because I was trying to write the Paper from Hell. To finish it, I was bribed with chocolate. A nice dark chocolate bunny wrapped in gold foil who I named Felix and then ate his ears. That was the only enjoyable part about that stupid paper.

Thursday was the flower-obtaining/life-saving day. Though I'm making this seem much more exciting than it actually was. I mean, it was exciting, but I'm not a super hero in disguise.

But first! I'd been trying to read A Countess Below Stairs since last week. It's a really excellent book, but I didn't have any time. I swear, for four days I only had about a hundred pages left, but just couldn't finish it because I'm pretty sure someone put all the clocks on fast forward just to mess with me, which, you know, sucks. I really wanted to finish that book.

I did just this morning and started The Hunger Games, which is a book I've heard so many good things about. People at school were raving about it, John Green recommended it at some point, I've seen it on Amazon fifteen billion times (and each of those times I didn't have a method of buying it), but I never actually got my hands on a copy until last week. Or something like that. It was at least a week, because it's been sitting on my bookshelf staring at me, begging me to read it, even though I couldn't because I still had another one going, and I didn't even have time for that.


But now I've started it and I'm about a chapter away from finishing Part 1, so that's exciting. I like it a lot so far, and haven't really put it down all day.

I hate that, too. I hate having absolutely no time for anything for days on end, and then endless amounts of time (when I should be doing my longterm...) where I can just lounge. But that's what happened. And I think I utilized my time well, what with reading and everything.

Thursday was the flower/life day. And, okay, I lied. I didn't buy flowers, they were a donation for a benefit dinner I was helping at. It was to raise money to get water filters for Haiti, because they don't have any, and everybody needs water. But not crappy water, which is what they've got. It went over really well, and part of our decoration scheme was empty water bottles with daisies in them (because, apparently, daisies represent peace, which is rather cool).

We had raffles and auctions, macaroni and ice cream, and lots of water. I'm pretty sure we raised over $1000, which is really cool, because that means we can get those water filters and save lives. Which was how I participated in the saving lives thing.

Then Saturday I had marching band. That was a bit sad because it was the last time I'll ever get to wear the uniform again, but it's okay, because I took pictures.

And now... well today I put off laundry, homework, and reading the beginning of a play in favor of The Hunger Games, this, and sporadic email-checking.

But I guess I should do my homework. And finish my laundry. And read the beginning of the play. Even though I really don't want to, especially because I hate graphing, and that's what the majority of my homework is.

Or... maybe I'll just go eat dinner.

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