Tuesday, August 4, 2009

College: Part 1

This may or may not work. Honestly, I haven’t got a clue. But here’s the plan. In September, I’m starting college. Currently, that is the most entertaining aspect of my life, and why shouldn’t it be? Throw an awkward person like me into an entirely new environment and there’s bound to be some comedy involved. So my goal is to blog about it, at least once a week, with what’s been happening in this new college student’s life, from dorm (ahem, Residence Hall) shopping to school food. Hopefully it works out. I haven’t got many friends there yet.

The more frequent blogging will start soon, I think. I’ve got RH shopping to do, still, which includes looking for every-and-anything orange. There’s still the mystery of the Sleeping Bag, which is apparently a necessity in college life. The roommate? There will be more about her after, when I respond to her email.

Some of the blogs may be emails I write to my friends that are just pasted in here (probably edited a bit) if I’m slacking, some may be written during class, or I might just hand over my laptop (which is coming soon, however in black, not orange) to the giant gorilla statue and let him take over for a bit.

OR I could just completely forget about this and get lost in the entirely new, perhaps suffocating, and definitely different world that is college.

Now I must go do completely unrelated-to-college things, including kidnapping my friend and maybe going to Walmart.


runa said...

Oh man, Ashley, I can't wait to read about your epic college adventures!

WHY on earth would you need a SLEEPING BAG? Do you not have beds?!

And I want to know more about the Mysterious Roommate!

This is all seriously happening too fast. LESS THAN TWO WEEKS for me, and most of my friends are leaving THIS WEEK >.<

p.s. you know how they have that word verification thing? yeah, mine, for this post, is "dreado". ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME SOMETHING, WORD VERIFICATION???

runa said...

Also, you need orange stickers to decorate your laptop with :P Second best thing!