Monday, September 28, 2009


What is this? My third week of college and I've only blogged ONCE from here? Can you say ASHLEY FAIL MODE? I can. I've actually said it a LOT while here, especially at the beginning where my only plan was to watch He's Just Not That Into You five thousand times until I got internet. However, thankfully, things have changed significantly and life at college is exponentially better than it was before.

Granted, I still want to go home, and I've done so these past two weekends, but I'm sticking it out. I have to, otherwise there's no way I would be able to survive. Lets start with the depressing things, shall we?

Like I said, I went home these past two weekends. Being at home itself wasn't depressing at all. In fact, it was the most fun I've had since college began. After that first FREAKING PACKED weekend, they have a few things (like movie nights Friday and Sunday. So far I've seen Up and a bit of Star Trek. <3)>

I got home late Friday night and went right up to my room to post a vlog about it. Which, actually, is something I'm becoming addicted to. Should I post those, too? Or just text blogs? Whatever, and then Saturday I went to a birthday party and had the time of my life.

The thing is, even though I had SO MUCH FUN with all of my friends from home, it just made coming back to college even harder. The night I got back, that Sunday, I felt kind of car sick (which is weird, because I usually don't get car sick). I had to leave Star Trek early because I thought I was going to throw up. Thankfully, I didn't, but when I got back to my room, I went into major freak out mode, covered myself in a blanket, and just cried and complained to everyone for a while. I wanted to go home. And I wanted to go home right then.

In fact, I told my mom that if I threw up that night, I was going home and I wasn't going back to school.

I GUESS you could say I was being a bit dramatic. But I was SAD and I missed my FRIENDS and living in the computer just DOESN'T CUT IT. I'm SORRY. Attacking them with hugs though, that was fun. Lots of fun.

This weekend it was the same thing. I got home earlier this time and went to my high school's homecoming football game where I saw A LOT MORE PEOPLE than I expected to see, so, of course, there was a lot of hugging going on there. Saturday was just NONSENSE. I can't even BEGIN to explain. It might actually need it's own blog post. I will give you some key words though.

Mustaches. Subs. Yellow cars. Coinstar. Walmart. Dressy clothes. Rain. A Very Potter Musical. The Bunkers.

You can make your own assumptions on what happened that day/night.

Then on Sunday, I went up to my aunt's house early because my cousin was having a birthday party (she's two) and she needed help getting ready for it. Organizing birthday parties is NOT easy with two two year olds and a five year old.

Oh, did I mention my mom was out of town for the entire weekend? So I didn't get to see her until Sunday, the day of the party, and only for about half an hour? Yeah, that sucked a lot.

When I was leaving, merely half an hour after the party actually started because I had to get back to school early, it was POURING. I was afraid my windshield wipers wouldn't make it through the rain because... well, because it's my car and my car isn't the most RELIABLE of cars. I love it, yes, but... *headdesk*

Anyway, as I was running out to get to my car, it was pouring, and I realized that I hardly got to see my mom, so I started crying. I had half a mind to just NOT go back to school. I would just call my dad and have the following conversation:

"Hey, Dad. Listen, I know you're busy tonight, and mom offered to take me up to school after the party. Is that cool?"
"Yeah, Ash, that's fine. Did you get your laundry done?"
"Yeah, most of it."
"Okay, call or text me when you get back."
"Will do, thanks, Dad."

And then I would hide in my closet for a while, perhaps over night and then just pop out Monday morning and yell, "SURPRISE" to my mom while she was getting ready for work. It seemed like a stable plan, don't you think?

Yeah, well, I didn't do that. Instead, I went back to school and wrote a three page paper on Not that I have a problem with that. I mean, I was EXHAUSTED, so I had to take a nap, but I got the paper done which was good and such.

Now, onto the happy stuff.

I hope you'll be happy to find out that I've made some friends! Not just hey-we're-new-and-no-one-has-friends-so-I'm-going-to-talk-to-you-and-maybe-get-you're-number-JUST-IN-CASE-we-might-but-probably-won't-hang-out-eventually friends. Legit friends, who I consistently hang out with and make plans with and go to dinner with.

Basically, because there really isn't much to do here, we sit around and watch movies. But not Wall-e, even though we've tried. I've been called dibs on watching that movie with Brian, so I can't watch it with anyone else first.

They're really funny, and it makes me happy because one- yes, I can COUNT how many friends I have- of them doesn't drink at all, or do drugs, or anything which is PERFECT for me. The other, yeah, he parties, but he doesn't make us go or make us do anything, which is good.

Also, the nonpartying friend LOVES HARRY POTTER and we've joined the Harry Potter Club. The sorting ceremony is on Sunday and I'm, obviously, rooting for HUFFLEPUFF. I don't know how they're going to do this, but I'm pumped anyway. It's. Going. To be. AWESOME.

Other than hanging out and not having time for reading and lots of homework, I JUST TODAY got my tv to work, which makes me a lot more comfortable because I miss the mindlessness it can give me.

I would ramble more (REMIND ME ABOUT the drugs- not that I've used because GOD NO, but that I've seen... that sounds weird. JUST REMIND ME, OKAY?!) but I've got Spanish homework to do and, well, tv means procrastination, m'dears.

Oh. I got a hat. It's really cute.

Spanish homework! Next time I vlog, I'll post it up here, okay? Alright.


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runa said...

I mean, you keep mentioning He's Just Not That Into You, but what is it about? Is this something that more than likely needs extensive wiki-ing? [although I don't really like wiki-ing movies unless I know they're going to be sad in advance so I can be prepared for the sadness. Is it sad?]

I could kinda tell that your college life was getting better, but I am really glad to see it in type :) It's really great! And it's still really nice that you can go home on the weekends, so you DON'T have to wait until Thanksgiving to see your family :)

I wanna see Up! Where are you seeing all these movies anyways??

UM YES YOU SHOULD POST VLOGS. I still need to start doing that, but I feel SO AWKWARD talking to a computer while my roommates are in the room. They're not there in the mornings on M/W/F though, so I should try. REMIND ME =)

What the heck is going on with the yellow cars on Facebook? I'm so confused. My stalkerfeed keeps getting pictures of yellow cars on it, though.

Hm. You went to Walmart wearing suits and fake mustaches in a yellow car and used a secret bunker disguised as a coinstar machine to hide from the Zefron horcrux and eat subs. *nods*

waitwait you have a car too? Why does nobody tell me these things? I just found out that one of my closest friends from 4th grade has a car and I'm just like "you've had this for over a month and you're JUST NOW TELLING ME??"

you wrote a PAPER on MLIA? Can you send this to me, pleaaase??

Luckyyyy. I only have one of those legitimate friends and she's a senior and has lots of work and internship and tutorial (basically senior thesis) and stuff, so she's allllways busy =(

AHHH TELL ME WHAT HOUSE YOU'RE IN!! And also, yay for finding non drunk friends :)

Dude, when I went to Ithaca to visit Ariel, there was a woman (and yes, it's Ithaca, so...) on the sidewalk CLEARLY smoking something that's NOT just a cigarette and NOT legal and there are KIDS walking by and it's like *cringe*